STORK Journal Club - Suggest a Paper

We are organizing an online STORK journal club!

Please use this as a forum to suggest a paper on open and reproducible science, transparency, etc.

There is a new paper from Anne Scheel on Registered Reports and confirmed hypotheses

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This looks like a good option. Zack also suggested this:
From this thread:

I’m wondering if we should aim for Monday, March 2nd?

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Did the journal club happen yet?

Nope. This could happen in April sometime. We can just choose a paper and set up a time that works for most of us and see what happens. What about our meeting time Wednesday AM April 22nd. Or do folks think a Friday works better for those of us who are zooming classes all week? Or a twitter convo, I have no experience in those but would love to learn.

+1 for Brian Nosek’s replication paper

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