MSSE and preprints

Wow! Would it be naive to think that STORK influenced this?

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“Prereview/preprint submissions posted to prereview/preprint servers with an open access license are allowed, but authors will be required—without exception—to pay MSSE’s open access fee as a condition of acceptance.” This applies to all preprints, correct? Or am I reading it wrong? If so, publishing a preprinted article in MSSE costs $3,300, which makes me a bit less excited about the news.


Ohhh not good. Should have looked at the details. Here is the link to the editorial info.

Ha, so if you post a preprint you have to pay to make it OA :man_facepalming:t2: I’ve sought clarification.

Point #8 is odd too. I don’t think you can tell people how they can and can’t license their own property. It’s a bit odd they feel the need to tell you what you can or can’t do to work they didn’t pay for and had absolutely no input into. The post peer review version is different, but so many people conflate the two docs. Legally, I’m certain they are viewed as different and unique records.