Getting submissions to RRIK and CIK

We’ve now had two functioning journals for a few months ( Unfortunately, the submission rate is very low. Depending on a coauthor’s perspective (lead author), I may suggest RRIK for my next registered report.

That said, we need ideas for obtaining submissions. The journals only provide an excellent service if people are willing to use the service.

What are your suggestions for getting submissions?

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Hi Zack,

I looked at the website and noticed that the landing and information pages for the communications journal are blank. The links out from the author information page to the domain also don’t work (at least for me).

Regarding encouraging submissions, I think STORK members should really try to get the ball rolling. Outsiders/newcomers will be much less likely to submit to a journal that has not yet published anything. As for encouraging outside submissions, what about some kind of award for article of the year? A small journal in my field does this once per year for young researchers (i.e. the best article from a young investigator in a given year is awarded with a prize) and it seems to provide an upside for young researchers to submit there, even though the traditional metrics of the journal are not spectacular.

Another idea would be to solicit articles from people with interesting (perhaps open science-related) conference abstracts or blogs? This requires some work to source them though.

Just some ideas.


Thank you for these suggestions, Chris.

What’s happening with CiK? I’m just finishing up a submission to Current Opinions in Psychology and it reminded me that the format they use inspired my original idea of what CiK might be. It also made me wonder if the idea could be extended for exploratory work/pilot studies. Maybe not quite as concise as 2k words (this is what Current Opinions in Psych permit), but certainly shorter than standard article. Plus, it would be something that’s unique to SES. Just a late night thought!

Not much, I don’t think. To my knowledge, the website needs to be updated, and we need to get submissions. I haven’t done any serious updating of the website since it moved to the OJS platform.

I like the idea of encouraging exploratory studies/pilot studies. I also like Chris’ suggestions about article of the year, but first we need articles!

It sounds like you need help with it, mate. I’m sure the community will help if you ask. You can’t run a journal out of an email account. It’s not sustainable.

Yes, I agree. At this point, I do not think I’m in charge of updating the new site. It would be good to establish roles/tasks for people interested in updating the site so that the new publication committee is all on the same page and there are few redundant activities.

Sounds good. I have work I’d like to submit, but don’t really know what the journal is about.

I have just spent 25mins adding all the relevant info to CiK. It could use an announcement like RRiK has too to add a bit of colour. Some kind of infographic or short video explaining what is accepted or not would be good too.

This was my original model for how the would look:

Now we have a little money in the bank, maybe we should invest in some web development? There are freelancers out there who wouldn’t be too expensive:

That’s definitely an option. Aaron and I have time penciled in on Monday at 2:30 pm PST to work on the site. Last time we were going to have a website development party, the site was down. I am glad that situation is resolved and I’m sure we’ll make good progress.