Data Replication Centre Ireland

Hi Guys - apologies for the radio silence. I had been logged out of Riot and had simply thought there was no discussions ongoing - my own fault.

Delighted to let you know that we were successful in getting PhD funding to get the large data replication project off the ground. Thanks for your help so far and look forward to working with you closer in the future.

We will be starting the project in the late summer, with official start date Sept 2020.

We are also very likely to have achieved a fully funded second PhD position for this project, as potentially two of the applications that we made have been successful. This is great news as the project is ambitious enough to warrant more manpower! I am welcoming applications so please forward the link to any interested candidates or previous students of yours:

The first step is to start putting a framework on the bigger questions arising early in the project - feasibility of study selection methods, likelihood of developing a large network of collaborative labs, and the required resources we may need to make this successful.

I will be in touch soon, but apologies again for not being online.



Just a reminder that entries for this fully funded possition close on Friday and I badly need good candidates! Any help is appreciated!