ACSM Meet-up 2020

ACSM, San Francisco, California, May 26-30, 2020

We want to organize a meet-up off-site (restaurant/bar). Please comment if you are attending. What time and day would work best?

No preference on bar/restaurant (never been to the bay area), but I would suggest a Friday night meetup since IG meetings are Thursday and Quiz Bowl is Wednesday night.

I will be there. I agree about Friday evening likely being the best.

So this will not happen but we did discuss last meeting about an event close to ACSM (Late May). A zoom meet and greet was discussed with breakout rooms. And we could announce Christie as an ambassador and get her an award for that meeting. Zoom should work well for that and hopefully “zoom bombing” will be less prevalent.

Start a Conversation about Online Meetings

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  • STORK → meet and greet - award for Christie